Let's Mix Cocktails

We didn't have the space or time to make cocktails from scratch. We tried a tap system for a while but the feedback wasn't great. These guys were a perfect mid point, they're really good quality so no one could tell we were using a pre mix.

Matthew Piovan

Operations Director - Aruba, Westbeach
Let's Mix Cocktails

Last year service became very challenging with the pure volume of custom coming through the doors, we now use Lets Mix across all 3 of our sites, we can now serve quality cocktails quickly without having to spend a huge amount of time training staff. Thanks guys for a fantastic product!

Jamie Wood

Multi Site Manager - Banana Wharf
Let's Mix Cocktails

We've got 2 pubs and we never really wanted the hassle that comes with making cocktails. These mixers make it all really simple, they taste good and you don't need much space to do it.

Austyn Greenfield

Multi Site Owner